Sentence ratified against those responsible for the homicide of Edwar Vaz

The six sentences handed down by the Justice against those involved in the murder of the English teacher Edwar Vaz were definitively confirmed after the Supreme Court of Justice ratified them in a sentence.

The four men and two women convicted of the homicide that occurred in Punta del Este must serve the sentences imposed in previous instances. The case better known as “the mansion of sex” due to a property of the murdered man where they had swingers parties took place after his murder on July 9, 2018.

One of the convicted was Lulukhy Morales, ex-wife of the deceased. She, along with her partner at the time, Mauro Machado, planned Vaz’s murder. To carry out the crime they hired two hit men (Carlos Alberti and another convicted man). Likewise, a friend of the intellectual author of the crime named Leticia Giachino and an acquaintance of Moraes and Vaz, Franco Silvera, also participated.

Moraes received a sentence of 24 years in prison as co-author of homicide, especially aggravated by the link and by premeditation; treachery and promise of remuneration. Machado was sentenced for the same crimes and to the same sentence.

In the case of Alberti, who rang the bell to make the victim leave his house, he was given 25 years in prison. For his part and Mathías Guarteche (who collaborated logistically in the consummation of the crime) he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for very especially aggravated homicide.

Finally, Giachino and Silvera were convicted of being accomplices, having to serve a sentence of eight years in prison.

As for the perpetrator of the crime, the sentence imposed was 30 years in prison with effective compliance.

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