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Abinader will not be able to be re-elected, according to Margarita

Santo Domingo.- The former Vice President of the Republic and candidate for the presidential candidacy for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Margarita Cedeño, said this Wednesday that President Luis Abinader will not be able to be re-elected in the 2024 elections due to the poor work he is doing .

She assured that President Abinader wants to make a circus with her and that he has chosen her as his opponent for the next presidential elections.

“President Abinader wants to do a circus with Margarita, that is a plot that they have from the palace, because they have already chosen me as their opponent, they have the numbers just like we have them, and he has effectively chosen me as the candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party and as the next president of the Republic as well”, he stated.

By participating in the Weekly Lunch of the Corripio Group, the politician maintained that the Government is not working thinking about the people and what it really has to lead, but what they want to put up is “a smoke screen” so as not to show the robbery. of more than 700 million pesos against more than one hundred thousand families in the country, “with the most sacred food.”

Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group. PLD. Margaret Cedeno. Margarita Cedeño, José Alfredo Corripio, José Monegro, Cristina Lizardo, Maribel Acosta, Isabel Turull, Frank Olivares, Yuri Rodriguez. Jorge gonzalez

“While the governments of the PLD, eating well and safely was first, in this government food is stolen from the poorest and that is a crime against humanity,” he said.

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Regarding the request made by the director of the Progresando con Solidaridad (Prosoli) program, Gloria Reyes, for the Chamber of Accounts to carry out a financial audit that covers the management of Cedeño, the former vice president said that “Águila does not catch flies” and that work must be done quickly.

“As an honest, transparent, serious and dedicated president, what I would have done immediately after that scandal comes out is to hold a press conference with the directors, to give an explanation and satisfaction to the Dominican people,” said Cedeño, referring to the Supérate case. .

He expressed that what the country is waiting for is an explanation, no more political show or that they want to come to “cover the sun with a finger because the sun cannot be covered with a finger.”

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“How good, how good that an audit is done because if someone has worked all the time with an audit, it has been Margarita Cedeño,” he said.

Cedeño said that precisely by doing the audit, “that unheard of, unusual and magnanimous theft that has occurred in the Government against the poorest in these last four months” will be evidenced.

“Prosoli is not Supérate, because Prosoli was welfare, development, progress, Supérate is stealing from the poorest”, he clarified.

He explained that with this social protection program and its different projects they managed to lift almost two million inhabitants out of poverty.

“Poverty is a multi-headed monster and we have to attack each of those heads if we want to end poverty, not like the current government that is ending the poor,” he concluded.

Also participating in the meeting were the general coordinator of Greater Santo Domingo in the Cedeño campaign, Cristina Lizardo, Maribel Acosta, from the Northwest region; Melanio Paredes, from Communications and Frank Olivares; of the Political Office.

Likewise, Yuri Rodríguez; national youth coordinator of the Cedeño project and the senator for the province of Independencia, Valentín Medrano.

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