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A young Nicaraguan dies of a sudden heart attack in the US.

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A young Nicaraguan dies of a sudden heart attack in the US.

A sudden heart attack ended the life of the young Nicaraguan migrant Eli Jonathan Umanzor alaniz, 17 years old, originally from the municipality of Somoto, in the department of Madriz.

The victim arrived in the United States on November 17, 2022, with the aim of providing a better life for his wife and three-month-old daughter, however, on March 18, he lost his life.

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Maximiliano Umanzor, father of the deceased, told Article 66 that the causes of the heart attack was a dose of drug named Fentanyl, ending his life immediately.

“My son did not suffer from anything, but he got involved with some friends and they sold him drugs and he became intoxicated, causing his death,” the father explained.

He also added that before the outcome, he took his son to the room to lie down, but Umanzor Alaniz “did not move at all and already in the morning hours I found him dead.”

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The young man worked in a butcher shop in the State of Philadelphia, according to his father he was an enterprising person and dedicated to his work to support his family.

for his part Deyry MorenoEli Jonathan Umanzor’s wife, said that Umanzor Alanís “had left home loaded with desires for self-improvement and the well-being of his family, but unfortunately he was unable to achieve his goals.”

$12,000 to repatriate the body

To repatriate the body of the Somoteño, his family needs 12,000 dollars, for which they request the support of Nicaraguans to make the transfer effective and to be able to bury him in his homeland.

“Through this, noble-hearted people are appealed to provide their financial support to be able to repatriate the body of the young Eli Jonathan Umanzor Alaniz who was alive (…)”, details the publication of the young man’s wife.

Sudden heart attack takes the life of a young Nicaraguan migrant in the US Photo: Article 66 / Social networks

Currently the body of Jonathan Umanzor is in a morgue in Philadelphia. According to his father, they have managed to collect part of the money to achieve repatriation, however they need $6,500.

“We are managing for the body to come out next week, because the funeral home has told us that if more time passes, the cost will be higher, so we appeal to the solidarity of the people,” said Jonathan’s father.

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To support the Nicaraguan family, you can do so through the Banpro account 10021300186213in the name of Ana Maribel Vásquez Díaz or to the foreign account number 2673340772.

You can also contact Deyry Moreno at the telephone number +50557504622 or that of his father Maximiliano Umanzor +1 (267) 296-6017.

Second migrant victim of heart attack

Another of the victims of a heart attack was the young Nicaraguan Vidal de Jesus Ramirez Martinez28 years old, originally from Bonanza, who according to the humanitarian organization Texas Nicaraguan Community He lost his life from a heart attack while sitting in a chair.

“Coming to the USA after all the effort with debts and leaving the family and the promises of improvement, they were left in a broken bag of dreams (…) It leaves a minor as an orphan,” the organization detailed.

The tragedy was on March 20, in Salt Lake City in Utah. Ramírez Martínez’s body was transferred to a morgue for an autopsy, before being repatriated to Nicaragua.

The decision of thousands of Nicaraguans to seek new opportunities has ended in disgrace for many due to kidnappings, accidents, victims of the Rio Grande, or due to health problems.

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