35 vehicles are stolen per day in the country

The senator of the Colorado Party, Carmen Sanguinetti, pointed out that in 2022, “more than 13,000 vehicle thefts were reported and if we take an average, this indicates about 35 vehicles per day,” Sanguinetti said.

To this end, the project promotes that “insurance companies inform the municipalities of the vehicles that are going to auction, so that they are deregistered and that their numbers cannot be used by criminals to clone vehicles,” he said. A very common crime is for spare parts. “There are certain vehicle models that are highly coveted for their spare parts and this responds to the reality that today there is a ban on the importation of used auto parts. It seems important to us to allow the importation of used auto parts to generate a flow of legal spare parts”, he explained.

In addition, the bill establishes that all new vehicles have a unique identifying mark and that high-end vehicles have protection devices against their unauthorized use.

The legislator stated that the project also covers electronic tolls for national routes. “The project provides a legal framework for access to available technology so that when a stolen badge passes through, an alarm is triggered and coordination can be exercised with the Ministry of the Interior,” she concluded.

35 vehicles are stolen per day in the country

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