Operation Beta: 192 people apprehended in the last 24 hours

Angel Valdes | May 31, 2023

In the last 24 hours, some 192 people have been apprehended by units of the Security Estates together with the Public Ministry through Operation Beta carried out throughout the country.

The apprehensions are detailed in 103 by Trades, 61 Administrative Offenses, 15 Flagrancy and 13 Micro-trafficking.

Nationwide, 62 search procedures were carried out in which 5 firearms, 116 ammunition, B/.630.00, a recovered vehicle, 1 seized vessel and B/.630.00 in cash were confiscated.

Meanwhile, 3 emergency evacuations were made and 19 foreigners were detected with expired stays, evasion of immigration controls and warning impediments, among others.

The units of the National Directorate of Traffic Operations placed 1,939 violations of the Traffic Regulations, of these, 426 for speeding, 9 proven drunkenness, 03 alcoholic breath, 29 talking on a cell phone, 82 inappropriate lights and 19 expired licenses.

With Operation Beta, security strategies against Organized Crime are strengthened to guarantee a peaceful environment for all those who are in the national territory.

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