Yenifer Paredes: Pre-trial detention hearing rescheduled for August 23

Yenifer Paredes: Pre-trial detention hearing rescheduled for August 23

The Judiciary approved to suspend until Tuesday, August 23, at 10:00 in the morning, the hearing where the request of the Prosecutor’s Office for 36 months of preventive detention against sister-in-law of the President of the Republic, who is being investigated for money laundering and criminal organization.

This was ordered by Judge Johnny Gómez Balboa, of the Third Preparatory Investigation Court, after listening to the parties in a hearing that lasted almost two hours, which included a recess to analyze the defense request.

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The tax request also reaches the mayor of Anguía, Jose Nenil Medina Guerrerowhose request for three years of preventive detention will be seen on Wednesday 24. Both are investigated together with the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino, for which they were preliminarily detained since last week.

The hearing was held in the Third National Preparatory Investigation Court of the National Superior Courtuntil where Yenifer Paredes He was transferred from the jail of the Judiciary.

According to the Special Team against the Corruption of Power and the Special Police Team, the president’s sister-in-law peter castle She was in the Government Palace on August 9, the day the place was raided to arrest her in a preliminary manner.

In said material, which was accessed by El Comercio, it is shown Yenifer Paredes leaving the Jorge Chávez airport after having arrived from a flight from Cajamarca. Later, he is seen boarding a State security car from the House of Pizarro.

The same media indicates that said information was corroborated by a letter sent to the Prosecutor’s Office by the company LATAM AIRLINES last August 18. In addition to this, there are photographs of the first lady’s sister, Lilia Paredesleaving the airport, which were taken during the follow-up that was carried out.

It should be noted that in the case of the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino, accused as figureheads of the same criminal organization whose leader would be President Pedro Castillo, they decided to take advantage of effective collaboration and narrated before the prosecutor Marita Barreto how said structure worked.

The two would have recognized that behind the installation of the drinking water and basic sanitation system of more than S/ 3 million that they earned in Anguía, they were Yenifer Paredes and the mayor Joseph Medina.


The Prosecutor’s Office involves Pedro Castillo in five cases. His family is just as involved in crime. Find out all the details in our report.

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