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Senator Fernando Lugo has successfully advanced in the decomplexization process, presenting positive signs in its evolution. This stage is expected to be completed in the coming days.

Jorge Querey, Lugo’s family doctor, this Sunday provided a new medical report with the latest data on the health status of the Guasú Front senator.

According to the report, in the last 24 hours the doctors began work to decomplex Lugo, which implies reducing all supports such as medications, sedatives and support machines.

To date, there has been a good response in his body, with a good tolerance to decomplexization, said Querey.

The senator and intensive care physician stressed that there are “positive signs”, however, as they are still on a sedation drip, the neurosurgical report and medium and long-term prognosis would be done as these medications end.

Afterwards, doctors will have to wait until 48 to 72 hours have elapsed in order to make a more precise evaluation and have a better diagnosis.

It should be remembered that Senator Fernando Lugo would have suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and therefore had to be hospitalized urgently at the Migone Sanatorium, where he has been hospitalized for 12 days. After a first bleeding, he had an endovascular intervention and since then he has registered a remarkable improvement.

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