Yenifer Paredes: National Superior Court revokes the 30-month preventive detention against her

Yenifer Paredes: National Superior Court revokes the 30-month preventive detention against her

The Second National Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court decided, by majority, to revoke the 30-month preventive detention imposed on —president’s sister-in-law— and ordered his immediate release, but he was given a restricted appearance.

The sister of Lilia Paredes has been held in the Chorrillos Women’s Prison since August 28, 2022 for the investigation that follows her for the alleged commission of the crime of criminal organization, aggravated collusion and money laundering, to the detriment of the State .

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“Among the restrictions are: not to be absent from the place of residence or change it without prior written authorization from the Preparatory Investigation Court in charge of the case and prior communication to the Public Ministry,” the Superior Court reported.

In addition, a deadline of 72 hours was set after being notified with this resolution, so that you indicate your place of residence.

What must he do to avoid going back to prison?

Attend punctually before the authorities of the Judiciary or Public Ministry when required, under penalty of revoking the measure ordered and ordering their reentry to the penal establishment in case of non-compliance, upon request of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Attend the registration and biometric control office on a monthly basis to register your fingerprint and report to the National Preparatory Investigation Court in charge of this case, on the first working day of each month.

Prosecutor supports his arguments to insist on 36 months of preventive detention for Yenifer Paredes

José Medina is still in prison

Fate was different for José Medina Guerrero, for the mayor of the district of Anguía (Cajamarca), since the Second National Criminal Court of Appeals “unanimously confirmed the resolution that imposed preventive detention for a period of 30 months” against him, in the investigation that follows him for the alleged crime of criminal organization and others, to the detriment of the State.


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