Mural by the Spanish painter José Vela Zanetti.

They denounce they allow to damage murals of Vela Zanetti

Santiago.- Deputy Mateo Espaillat denounced the state of deterioration of the emblematic murals by Spanish artist José Vela Zanetti in the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration and called for the integration and intervention of the authorities for their preservation.

Through his social networks, Espaillat expressed the need to integrate the cultural authorities, to restore the murals, considered as an artistic heritage.

Mural by the Spanish painter José Vela Zanetti.

“The Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration needs us. I take advantage of this publication to make a call for integration, and to seek a prompt solution to this situation,” said Espaillat, showing images that reflect the state of progressive deterioration of one of the Vela Zanetti murals, from several years ago, and how it is in the present.

Vela Zanetti was a Spanish painter and muralist who lived for more than a decade in the Dominican Republic, leaving a total of 18 works painted between 1952 and 1953 in Santiago.

He held various government positions in the country and his works can be found in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, at the headquarters of the United Nations Organization, as well as at the International Labor Office in Geneva.

“On our part we have done everything possible together with the authorities but it has not been enough, protecting the murals must be a comprehensive action that involves all of us, the Central Government, the local government, citizens and us legislators,” said the congressman.

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