World Day for Safety and Health at Work in the MTSS

World Day for Safety and Health at Work in the MTSS

This morning the World Day for Safety and Health at Work was celebrated at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, with the presence of Minister Pablo Mieres, the General Labor Inspector, Tomás Teijeiro, members of CONASSAT and members of the commissions sectoral tripartite in safety and health.

The work carried out by the sectoral tripartites in health and safety was highlighted at the event, and the new section on the web dedicated to them.

“It is a double pleasure to have you here today. Firstly, celebrating this day that occupies us so much and concerns us all, and secondly because given what we have experienced in the last two years, having this call and being able to see each other’s faces and being able to be present to be able to talk about health and safety congratulates us », pointed out the General Inspector of Labor and Social Security, Tomás Teijeiro, at the opening of the event.

The hierarch stressed that “in addition to celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we want to motivate more tripartites to work in this area, in the understanding that the results are the most legitimate, most certain results, those that more accommodate to the needs of the parties, where the goal is zero health inconvenience in productive undertakings».

On the other hand, Minister Mieres stressed that Uruguay “enjoys a tripartite system that must continue to be deepened and developed, which was put to the test in the most difficult moments and which reacted in an extremely successful, professional, serious manner, which helped that Uruguay had a performance that is recognized worldwide as satisfactory and outstanding regarding the pandemic.

Likewise, the minister stated that he was proud of the inspection bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security that “in the worst moments, and while in other countries inspection powers were suspended, in our country, on the contrary, progress was made by increasing our inspection capacity and that is a reason to stand out”.

The event also included the participation of the members of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work (CONASSAT) on behalf of the Uruguayan Chamber of Industries, Raúl Damonte, of the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Services, Diego Yarza, and of the PIT-CNT, Walter Migliónico.

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