Withdrawal of AFP 2022: Everything that is known about this new disbursement and how to do it

Withdrawal of AFP 2022: Everything that is known about this new disbursement and how to do it

On Friday, May 20, the law that allows the new AFP withdrawal was approved, the autograph received the signature of Pedro Castillo and the rule was published the next day in the newspaper El Peruano. In this way, the optional withdrawal of up to 4 tax units (UIT) or S/ 18,400 is authorized for all members of the .

What does the approved proposal consist of?

The proposal approved in plenary was the one drawn up by the Economy Commission, approved on April 12. This proposed that all affiliates, whether they are active contributors or not, can withdraw their money from the fund.

This detail marks a difference with the opinion approved last Tuesday in the Labor Commission, which establishes the same withdrawal amount, but only in the cases of people who do not have three consecutive months of contributions to the system.

In this regard, Joaquín Rey, spokesman for the AFP Association, points out that the approved measure would represent a disbursement of up to S/ 31 million.

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How would the AFP withdrawal be executed?

After the law is published in El Peruano, the Superintendency of Banks and Insurance (SBS) has 15 working days to issue a schedule that indicates the withdrawal request dates for each contributor.

As well as the previous AFP withdrawals, the SBS will indicate the dates and contributors who must request their AFP withdrawal depending on the last number of their DNI.

However, although the exact disbursement dates are not yet known, the proposal establishes that said withdrawal be made in three parts as follows:

  • First disbursement of up to 1 UIT: within a maximum period of 30 calendar days after submitting the request to the AFP.
  • Second disbursement of up to 1 UIT: Within a maximum period of 30 calendar days.
  • Third disbursement for the remaining requested amount of up to 2 UIT: Within a maximum period of 30 calendar days.

How to request the AFP withdrawal?

The extraordinary withdrawal of funds is carried out as follows:

  • Affiliates submit their application remotely, virtually or in person, and only once, within 90 calendar days after the regulations of this Law come into force.
  • Up to 1 UIT will be paid every 30 calendar days, with the first disbursement being made 30 calendar days after the request has been submitted to the private pension fund manager to which the member belongs. This is applicable until the second disbursement and the rest will be delivered in the third.
  • In the event that the affiliate wishes to stop withdrawing the funds from his individual capitalization account, he may request it only once from the private pension fund manager 10 calendar days before the disbursement.


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