What are the grounds of the Prosecutor's Office to expand the investigation against Pedro Castillo?

What are the grounds of the Prosecutor’s Office to expand the investigation against Pedro Castillo?

The Nation’s prosecutor, Pablo Sánchez, ordered this morning to expand the preliminary investigation against the president, , for the alleged commission of the crimes of criminal organization, aggravated influence peddling and aggravated collusion. What is the thesis of the Public Ministry based on?

In a document, to which he had access Peru21the Prosecutor’s Office warns of reasonable indications of the alleged participation of the President of the Republic in crimes of corruption of officials that would have been committed within the criminal plan of a criminal organization that would have entrenched itself in the state apparatus, specifically in the MTC.

These indications would implicate Pedro Castillo in the commission of serious crimes, since he would lead an alleged criminal organization that would have entrenched itself in the highest levels of the state apparatus, given the high position he occupies, which gives him evident power of control over the administration. public.

This criminal organization was also made up of Juan Francisco Silva Villegas, in his capacity as Minister of Transport and Communications, officials from Decentralized Provías and the Presidential Office, businessmen and interested third parties.

According to the tax thesis, the purpose of this criminal group was not only to favor the Puente Tarata III Consortium in a public bidding process, but also other companies, including those that would have supported the president when he was in the middle of the electoral campaign and companies of people linked to the President himself and people close to him.

Likewise, in the execution of its criminal plan, said organization would have had the purpose of occupying different positions within the Ministry of Transport and Communications, such as the Ministry of Housing with people or officials close and close who guarantee the execution of its criminal plan.


On May 25, new information was added to the present fiscal investigation that would account for the dissemination of an audio allegedly held between Zamir Villaverde and Bruno Pacheco. What was declared by an effective collaborator would not only have provided information about the investigated Juan Francisco Silva Villegas, but also about the head of state.

The effective collaborator would have added that Fray Vásquez Castillo would have commented to the businessman Zamir Villaverde that the president, through Juan Silva, was interested in appointing Provías Descentralizado officials in order to be able to award other works to the companies in the provinces that had supported in the campaign, including other companies.

Later, Samir Villaverde would have communicated with Fray Vásquez and would have mentioned that he had a person to be designated in Decentralized Provías; This person would have been Alcides Villafuerte, a person who would have met with then Minister Silva, in the latter’s house, with a view to appointing him.

After the appointment of Alcides Villafuerte, Juan Silva Villegas would have communicated with Zamir Villaverde telling him to take care of a businessman named “Roger”, pointing out that he would have supported the campaign.

He also became aware of a transcript that would correspond to a conversation between Villaverde and Juan Altamirano, adviser to the then Minister of Transport and Communications, in which he alludes to two tenders for two works at the MTC, in which they gave the buna pro to club companies.


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