Arévalo wants an independent minister and not an "anticolorado" in the TSJE

Arévalo wants an independent minister and not an “anticolorado” in the TSJE

Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR (“Honor Colorado”), affirmed that the third space it must be represented by an independent and not by an “anticolorado.” AHe announced that his personal position will be to defend the ANR, choosing the candidates present in the lists.

Given the comments that the second list is made to measure so that a member related to Chartism is elected, he replied that what they will seek is the defense of the ANR.

“The opposition wants to bring two anti-colored people to the TSJE. Russel and Camacho are two anticolored figures. If we allow it, we are playing against the party. The party is neither Cartes nor husband”, he commented.

It should be remembered that the bench of “Honor Colorado” is made up of seven legislators. Antonio “Tony” Barrios, Juan Darío Monges and Sergio Godoy were the only ones who belonged until a few months ago. Martín Arévalo then joined with other legislators such as Silvio “Beto” Ovelar, Juan Carlos “Kalé” Galaverna and Enrique Riera. A couple of months ago there were eight with Rodolfo Friedmann, however, he is once again close to the ruling party.

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