Weather in Uruguay today: what is the weather forecast for Wednesday, February 8, according to Inumet

The weather forecasts point out that this Wednesday, February 8 it will be a hot day with clouds and sun, which will become even more cloudy towards the afternoon. In some areas of the country rains and even some storms are expected. Depending on the area of ​​the territory, maximum temperatures of 35ºC to 39ºC are expected.

He Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) forecast a morning with “increased” cloudiness and “probable isolated thunderstorms” in the metropolitan area. According to the institute, during the day it will become cloudy in the afternoon/night, when they are warned “isolated showers and thunderstorms”but also “high temperatures”. Inumet aims for a minimum of 21 °C and a maximum of 35 °C. forecast also for gusts of wind up to 50 km/h.

The AccuWeather weather service expects a “warmer day, with clouds and sun” and some “showers” in the afternoon for Montevideo. The page expects a clear to partly cloudy night. Provides a temperature range that goes from a minimum of 20 ºC to a maximum of 31 ºC.

What is the weather forecast for today in the east?

For the east of the country, Inumet waits in the morning a “somewhat cloudy and cloudy” sky, with “clear periods”, as well as “mists and fog banks”, and with the isolated probability of thunderstorms. For the afternoon/evening, on the other hand, foresee a sky “cloudy and overcast”which will be accompanied by rain and even possible storms and high temperatures, which will reach 35 °C. The institute also warns about gusts of wind 60 km/h.

Forecast for the north, center and west of the country

According to Inumet, in the north of the country the sky will start “clear and somewhat cloudy” and will darken in the afternoon/evening, when rain and possible storms are expected. For the northeast he forecast “mists and fog banks” in the morning and showers in the afternoon. In both areas there is an alert about “high temperatures”.

While the northeast temperatures will range from 18 ° to 37 ° C, the forecast for the northwest points to at a maximum of 21 °C and a maximum of 39 °C.

For the center-south of the country, a sky is expected that will begin to cloud in the morning until it is “covered” in the afternoon/night. As in other areas, in the afternoon there will be rain and possible storms, along with “high temperatures.” Inumet indicates that the temperature will be between 18 °C and 37 °C.

Finally, AccuWeather forecast in Colonia del Sacramento a day “warm, with clouds and sun”, that will lead to a heaven “mostly clear” and a “wet” weather at night. The temperature range is from a minimum of 22 ºC to a maximum of 31 ºC.

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