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Ombudsman rejects use of ‘Cepo’ as punishment

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The Ombudsman’s Office ruled on the recent use of stocks as punishment for a minor. “They indicated that their position is in rejection of the punishment of the Cepo.”

The Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc González, highlighted that the rejection is in response to the recent video circulated on Social Networks in which a minor was seen in the so-called ‘Cepo’, an event that occurred in the Ngäbe-Buglé region, district of Müna.

Leblanc González, reiterated that the National Human Rights Institution (INDH), for some years now has been energetic in its position regarding this punishment, “we do not accept this type of punishment under any criteria, inhuman torture, much less of a person under the age of age,” highlighted the Panamanian Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman’s Office suggests that traditional authorities assert their authority, work must be done on the governance of the region and the application of public policies to promote peaceful coexistence is important.

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