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Centellas: "National Taxes work with a budget ceiling and we must do the same"

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Centellas: "National Taxes work with a budget ceiling and we must do the same"

May 18, 2024, 11:24 AM

May 18, 2024, 11:24 AM

He recently took over as Secretary of Tax Administration of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office.

Mario Centellas was in an interview with EL DEBER Radio, talking about the changes in collection strategies.

“My change is strategic because each person has a different way of working. We saw the failure in the collection part, the population is not paying, even though there are forgiveness, I think it is because of the crisis and we have to help people” , argued about his arrival at this office. Previously he was the Secretary of Administration and Finance.

According to Centellas, at this moment there is a little more Bs 3 billion in arrearswhich comes from the last five years, because from 2015 to date they have already expired, there are Bs 12 billion that were not collected from past times, and that can no longer be collected because they expired.

Another of the arguments for his new position has to do with computerized and intelligent control of corruption. “I have the mission of collecting, and we have several systems. On Monday we are doing the first package, the first test with the mayor, and starting Tuesday we hope that everything will be digital,” he said.

Centellas assured that, after the implementation of new systems, bureaucracy will be eliminated and the only thing the taxpayer will do is go to the Mayor’s Office to collect their certificate.

“We are avoiding the interaction of the taxpayer with the official, many have complained that they were mistreated, and in addition the processors will be outside the system,” he added.

He also said that these systems have already been developed for land use certificates, licenses, patents, “we have made progress on 15 of these and more are missing, some are more complex, but they will be via the Internet,” he explained.

Another strategy will focus on “cutting the nails of bad officials.” Centellas also indicated that normally all areas have a budget ceiling. “National Taxes works with budget ceilings, it is not that the auditor leaves and returns with nothing, with National Taxes we feel pressured and end up paying, we make payment plans, we must do the same, the inspectors cannot leave and return with nothing” , argument.

According to the new secretary, Bs 4 billion of income was budgeted, not only from collection, but of that total, Bs 1,300 million will be from collection, and the other part comes from tax sharing, from the IDH, “which is now ruling less the Government”, and it also comes from credits, including direct credits with companies, “because regulation 181 allows us to do so,” he said.

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