Warriors in white coats, their lives for everyone’s

They all deserve recognition from their professions or trades, but today, February 11, World Medical Women’s Day, is the special day for our warriors in white coats who have tirelessly battled in the face of the pandemic; they have not stopped their work, despite the distance of a son at home, or a family without time to enjoy.

Women doctors in Cuba have guaranteed the health of thousands of sick and convalescents. They have watched over the breathing of patients in intensive care, for the key treatment in minors with COVID-19, for the grandparents who suffer doubly due to their medical condition and the pain of loneliness. In addition to the care, the affection and human warmth have been present.

In Cuba, women occupy the same place as men in any of the scenarios, there is no discrimination or jealousy. Where there is a male taxi driver, there is also a female, and so there are engineers, bricklayers, firefighters, academics, artists, philosophers, nurses, and within the health area they represent 70.3 percent of the 497 thousand 593 workers in the sector .

Today is also the day to applaud so many Cuban scientists for whom Cuba has its own anti-COVID-19 vaccines, Soberana and Abdala, highly effective for all ages, the elderly, pregnant women, and even for children over two years old. old; the Cubans, the first to take part in a massive vaccination campaign.

And the event is also used to thank the nurses, technicians and workers from other areas who in hospitals, laboratories, carry out the enormous work of saving lives. They have all fulfilled a strategic mission, each one from their positions, from their perspectives, they have sought company, hope, a future to live.

There are so many beautiful stories since the triumph of the Revolution: the image of both a doctor from the community clinic and the literacy teacher, thus show, even without color, the human character that emerged and spread throughout the island from that the project take on a more social sense, away from materialistic precepts, more supportive, more spiritual.

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