Vice Minister Librada de Frías clarifies that “yes, work is being done” in the Corridor of the Beaches

The deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), Librada de Frías explained this morning on Radio Panama the projects that the institution is carrying out in the national territory, where she highlighted that they are advancing with a total of 100 modular bridges distributed in all the provinces of the country, to improve the quality of life in hard-to-reach areas.

De Frías indicated that this modality was chosen “so that they can be armed quickly and can be transported more easily in all the areas of difficult access throughout the Republic.”

He mentioned that today 13 bridges will be delivered in the Ngäbe Buglé region, with an investment of more than $14 million.

Meanwhile, regarding the questionable construction of the Corredor de las Playas, which resumed work on August 26, he stated that “the company came in to do the cleaning, to adapt the work offices and today they are making the lanes on the right from the interior to Panama, to work on the vehicular bridge and the widening of the road”.


“The budget hearing before the Assembly has not taken place, we made a draft budget as a team and we are waiting for that hearing, because it is not yet final; however, what the MEF has recommended to us is not final at this time “, said.

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