Utilities 2022: how will they be paid and who is entitled to receive them?

Utilities 2022: how will they be paid and who is entitled to receive them?

The It is an obligation that some companies in Peru have and it is just at the end of March that employees began to be deposited. That is why in our note we tell you all the details of this benefit for the private sector.

Who should share profits?

Employers with (i) more than twenty (20) workers, (ii) that develop third category income-generating activities, according to the Income Tax Law, and (iii) that have generated income in the previous year.

Cooperatives, non-profit entities, self-managed companies and civil societies and all companies that do not exceed twenty (20) people on the payroll do not distribute profits.

LOOK: Utilities 2022: how will they be paid and who is entitled to receive them?

Who is it delivered to?

Personnel who had an employment relationship (payroll) during the year in which the benefit was generated, including those persons who have ceased employment on the date of payment.

How is it distributed?

The percentage is distributed according to the following rules:

  • 50% is distributed according to the days worked by each worker.
  • 50% is distributed in proportion to the remuneration of each worker.

On the days worked by each worker:

  • The days actually worked by all staff are added up.
  • The result is multiplied by the total number of days actually worked by each worker.
  • Worked days are considered to be those in which the company’s ordinary working day is effectively fulfilled, as well as absences that by law must be considered as attendance.
  • Prenatal and postnatal rest days are considered working days.
  • In the case of part-time personnel, the number of hours worked according to their shift is added up to completing the company’s ordinary shift.
  • In the case of personnel not subject to labor inspection, all working days of the company are considered effective working days, unless proven otherwise.

The maximum limit that each worker can receive is eighteen (18) monthly remunerations (the one in force at the end of the fiscal year).

When is it distributed?

Within 30 calendar days after the deadline for filing the Annual Income Tax Return (April and May 2022).


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