Uruguayan study won an international competition to develop the Miami of Paraguay

The architecture studio Gómez Platero won first place in an international contest in Paraguay. The project designed by the Uruguayan firm promises change the appearance of a thriving area in front of the Guarani capital.

Riverside –as the work is called– is a high-end residential project that It will be built north of the city of Asunción, along the western peninsula of the Paraguay River.

The contest forms the first stage of a master plan that proposes the expansion of the country’s capital to the other side of the river, seeking to generate an exclusive urban experience marked by contact with nature.

In the 2,000 hectares involved in the work there will be residential buildings, corporate buildings, hotels, free zones and an artificial island in the middle of the river. “It is a totally new area,” said Gómez Platero in dialogue with Coffee & Business. In turn, in the middle of next year, the inauguration of the El Remanso bridge that joins this area with Asunción will make the transfer between the new pole and the capital much more agile. “Crossing the bridge and seeing the golf courses, landscaping and marinas you feel an air of being in Miami and not in Asunción”, described the founder and director of the studio, Martín Gómez Platero.

The Uruguayan study was already working in Paraguay and its access to the international private tender was given through an invitation from the promoters of the initiative, the Paraguayan developer Tosa.

The project

It is a very important projectandperhaps the most important that is being developed in Asunción and having won makes us very happy”, said the director of the studio.

The investment of the first six buildings “is already tens of millions of dollars”highlighted the businessman who still cannot specify the exact amount as a result of the fact that the construction companies have not been awarded.

In this sense, the commercial director of the project for the developer Tosa, Ricardo Mataloni, told the Argentine newspaper El Cronista that the initial investment for the first stage amounts to $100 million.

This initial phase will consist of five residential blocks with 170 homes –with one, two and three bedrooms, with different lengths and services– of low height located around a marina that flows into the river. Each of the complexes has different amenities, underground parking, public and private gardens on the ground floor, exclusive rooftop pools for penthouses and a pedestrian walkway that runs along the coast and favors connectivity between each building.

To this is added a commercial block of 8,700 m2 located across the boulevard that runs through the project and across from a golf course that is currently under construction.

In the spirit of the initiative is take advantage of the coastal landscape, the close relationship with the river and the unobstructed view of both the natural environment and the city skyline. As confirmed by Gómez Platero the work will begin in the first half of 2023 and they estimate that the first stage of buildings will take about 18 months of work so it is expected that they will be inaugurated in 2025.

The target audience

In a dialogue with El Cronista, the commercial director of Tosa —the developer of 100% Paraguayan capital—, Ricardo Mataloni, assured that it is an area “chosen by those foreigners who arrive in the country at the hands of new international companies and seek a quiet place that is well connected to the center of Asunción.”

Along these lines, he added: “One of the projects we are thinking of is a gated community exclusively for diplomats”.

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