Arrestan a dos personas con 481 paquetes de presunta cocaína en Barahona

Two people arrested with 481 packages of alleged cocaine in Barahona

In a joint task of air, sea and land pursuit, which lasted just over 15 hours, the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), the Dominican Republic Navy, the Air Force and State intelligence agencies confiscated another 481 packages, presumably cocaineon the coast of the province of Barahona.

The authoritiesafter sighting a speedboat, (type Go Fast), they set up an extensive surveillance and monitoring operation, throughout the coastal coastline of the aforementioned province, having air and maritime units to intercept and capture the occupants of the boat, which would have arrived in the country from South America.

The operation started, the DNCD and members of the Navy, intercepted the boat of about 23 feet in length, several nautical miles east of the coast of the municipality of Paraíso, where they arrested two men and seized 16 sacks containing the 481 packages of the substance.

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In the joint operation, it was also possible to occupy a 75-horsepower outboard motor, 10 jugs of fuel, a tarp, edible water, among other evidence.

Official agencies maintain close cooperation, which, together with the articulation of new strategies, translates into major blows to national and international drug trafficking networks, whose mode of operation is to bring important drug shipments from South America in speedboats.

“So far this year 2022, the Dominican authorities have caught 19,049 kilograms (19 tons) of different drugs, most of the confiscated narcotics, more than 90 percent, corresponds to cocaine, according to the DNCD note.

The detainees (two Dominicans) are being placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the province of Barahona, while the investigation is deepened, to locate and arrest other possible links to the frustrated attempt to introduce the cache into Dominican territory.

The 481 packages They are being sent under chain of custody to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF), which will determine the exact type and weight of the substance in its analysis.

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