This is the third model that Cipriani presented to build the hotel on the San Rafael site

The reconstruction project of the Hotel San Rafael in Punta del Este, financed by the Italian businessman Giuseppe Cipriani and the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, has a new model for the buildings that will accompany the hotel project designed by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinolyreported El País and confirmed to The Observer sources of the Intendancy of Maldonado.

the new project leave behind the horizontal buildingsrated as a “rattle” by the mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, and happens to have three vertical towers of different height behind the traditional hotelas you can see in the photo of the model you accessed The Observer.

As explained by the director of Urbanism of the Municipality of Maldonado, Soledad Laguarda, this project is similar to one that Viñoly presented in April of last year for the projectbut with a “different location of the towers”as well as of casinowhich will now be located in front of the promenade. What’s more, some services such as the theater were eliminatedthe director told The Observer.

“In the first instance, one of the three towers will be built, and in a second stage the other two will be built. The square meters remain the same, but the common areas are reduced,” Antía told El País.

The investors took the model of the new project to the Municipality of Maldonado (IDM) on Monday, March 14, Laguarda explained. After that, the commune requested “complementary information”, which has not been received yetcontinued the director.

When this information arrives, the Department’s Urban Development Directorate You have 15 days to analyze and generate a report on the specifications. If he approves the project, the mayor Antía must send it to the Departmental Board of Maldonado for your approval.

third project

Giuseppe Cipriani with the second building project behind, horizontally

This is the third project of building presented for the Hotel San Rafael, all designed by Viñoly. Laguarda stated that the first project was rejected because built above the boulevardand the second for his landscape shape

In the first case, Viñoly’s idea it included a building that could have made it the tallest hotel in South America.

in all projects the reconstruction of the old Hotel San Rafael was maintaineddemolished in June 2019. For the IDM this represents a “top” priority for the project, affirmed the director of Urban Planning.

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