They will build 85 homes for retirees and pensioners in Paysandú

They will build 85 homes for retirees and pensioners in Paysandú

The Banco de Previsión Social (BPS) and the Municipality of Paysandú signed an agreement for the sale of registers located on the property that belonged to the former Paylana. The space will be used for the construction of homes for people enrolled in the housing solutions program of the pension agency. The Ministry of Housing will invest more than 7 million dollars for the works, Minister Moreira informed.

The signing of the contract took place at the BPS headquarters in Montevideo. Together with Irene Moreira, the president of the entity, Alfredo Cabrera; the mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Olivera, and the general secretary of that commune, Fermín Farinha.

The works will be in charge of the Ministry of Housing, which will invest more than 7,000,000 dollars. The ministry has already made the call and awarded the tender, Moreira reported. The authorities foresee that the works begin to be carried out in the first days of 2023, once the construction license has been finalized. The project includes the construction of 85 units and a multipurpose room.

The beneficiaries will be retirees and pensioners incorporated into the BPS housing solutions program, aimed at lower-income passives, Cabrera explained. In Paysandú, some 65 people are part of this program. “Every time we deliver homes, we realize that we are changing people’s lives,” she said.

He also highlighted the construction of communities since, through this policy, the beneficiaries reside in places with people of other ages, he explained.

Moreira, meanwhile, valued the emblematic character of the place where the complex will be built, after the property of the former Paylana textile company was acquired by the Paysandú mayor’s office, once the factory stopped working. Now, efforts are being made to revitalize the property based on housing solutions and the installation of spaces for technological development.

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