Physiotherapy student clarifies viral video about baby treatment

Physiotherapy student clarifies viral video about baby treatment

Enny Alexandra Portillo Morfe, Physiotherapy student at the “Hugo Chávez Frías” University of Health Sciences, clarified before the Public Ministry the situation presented as a result of a video that went viral on social networks where she is observed teaching therapies to a three-month-old child, according to judicial sources.

Portillo Morfe was called to the headquarters of the Public Ministry in Maracay (Aragua) and they left her in custody because she allegedly mistreated the three-month-old baby. On that occasion, she Portillo Morfe explained to the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office that the child’s mother was the one who contacted her to apply the therapies to her son because he suffered from hypertonia, which prevented him from moving naturally. The student was doing her internship as an intern at the CDI Aguacatal, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room, located in Maracay, Aragua.

The baby’s mother, Inés Manuela Paredes Molgano, sought out the physiotherapy student because she heard the testimonies of recovered patients treated by Portillo Morfe. This indication of the child’s mother was recorded in file 3C-26.647.22, according to judicial sources.

“On Tuesday (October 25) many mothers said that the therapies did work for them and they stated that she was the best, that’s why I allowed them to do these therapies to my son,” the lady told the representatives of the Public Ministry .

The Physiotherapy student also told the Prosecutor’s Office that when the baby’s mother contacted her at the CDI for the therapies, she immediately asked her to allow her to record a video when applying the exercise treatment.

“The video was recorded by the mother, then the grandmother followed, and finally a patient finished recording it,” said Portillo Morfe at the Prosecutor’s Office, where he denied that he was doing anything outside of what he had learned in his classes. “I also want to clarify that I never prescribed any medication to that patient or to any other,” said the girl, according to the file.

Once the statements of the child’s mother and Portillo Morfe were taken, they were presented before the Third Control Court of Aragua, where prosecutor Henry Silva accused him of illegal practice of medicine, among other crimes.

Judge Anabel María Suárez Osal accepted the prequalification of crimes raised by the Public Ministry and decreed deprivation of liberty.


After that, a meeting was held with parents and representatives of patients from the CDI Aguacatal.

The mother of the allegedly assaulted baby attended that meeting and the other parents launched strong criticism of her, who they held responsible for the viralization of the video where Portillo Morfe is observed applying the therapy to the child.

At the meeting they also criticized the actions of the influencer Israel Gómez by presenting the video on his social networks as a criminal act and allegedly sending it directly to the attorney general, Tarek William Saab. “How much did they pay you?” asked one of those attending that meeting, according to witnesses.

Numerous patients or their representatives have gone to the Public Ministry to testify as witnesses certifying the progress they have presented with the physiotherapy student, the sources said.

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