Condenan a pareja que mato niña e hirió niño

They sentence a married couple for the death of a girl and shoot a boy

Santo Domingo.- The married couple who caused the death of a girl and injured a boy, both nine years old, are sentenced to 15 and 2 years when motivated by old personal disputes they appeared on La Senda street, in Santa Cruz, in Villa Mella, and began to shoot everywhere, thus causing the death of the infants.

He Fifth Collegiate Courtsentenced Jacqueline Martínez Selmo to 15 years in prison and her husband Miguel Martínez to two years, for causing the death of the minor Carla Masiel Polanco Brazoban and injuring the infant with the initials JMC with friction burns.

The event occurred on February 14, 2021, around 6:00 p.m., when those convicted today appeared on the street where María Clariza Heredia Brazoban, mother of the deceased, lived and moved by the rage they had due to an inconvenience. with the lady they began to shoot in different directions.

At the scene, Martínez Selmo took the firearm (non-readable mark, No. 396569), which his spouse was carrying in his pants and fired several shots, hitting Infante Polanco Brazoban with one of the projectiles.

Given the situation, Miguel Martínez took the firearm and fired several shots, causing friction burns to the child with the initials JMC with one of them.

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After the fact, they both fled, but they did not get far, because moments later the police authorities caught him.

The girl died while being transferred to a hospital due to a remote projectile wound, with no way out, lacerating the lung and heart, according to the autopsy, while the boy managed to reach the medical center, where he was treated until he recovered from the wounds.

By decision of the court, the sentences must be served in the correction and rehabilitation center Najayo Hombres and Najayo Mujeres, in San Cristóbal.

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