Money Laundering Prosecutor criminally denounces the first lady for refusing to testify

They open a preliminary investigation against the wife of Pedro Castillo for not answering prosecutor’s questions

The prosecution opened a preliminary investigation against the president’s wife Lilia Paredes, for having refused to answer the questions put to her in the process to corroborate the statements of Karelim López as an effective collaborator.

The Fourth Office of the Fifth Corporate Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Cercado de Lima adopted the measure after last May 13, the first lady refused to testify as a witness before the money laundering prosecutor, Luz Taquire.

It should be remembered that that citation was made in the process that is being carried out to determine if the version that Karelim López has provided to become an effective collaborator is true.

The prosecutorial body opened the preliminary investigation for a period of 60 days, in response to the official letter sent by the money laundering coordinator, Rafael Vela Barba, detailing that Lilia Paredes would have committed a crime against the public administration for her refusal to collaborate. with justice.

The proceedings that the Public Ministry will initiate include the taking of the declaration of Lilia Paredes.


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