In deteriro monument of May 30

In deteriro monument of May 30

The monument to Heroes of May 30th It remains in deplorable conditions despite the claims that various sectors have made to the authorities that have to do with this place of homage to the executioners of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

Last year the slab of the place was rebuilt, however, the part of the monument was not touched because it is a work that artists must do, so that it preserves the meaning of its author, the deceased Silvano Lora. For years the monument has been deteriorating, to the point that the base that supports the figure that symbolizes the monument is about to collapse due to the erosion of the saltpeter that has opened fissures that deserve a complete restoration.

The Mayor’s Office of the National District, through the Technical Secretariat that directs the architect Jesús D’Alessandro, is in charge of a project to recover the space, but it would not be ready for the 30th of this month when the 61st anniversary of the execution of the tyrant

foundations Heroes of May 30thHermanos de la Maza, Silvano Lora, the Permanent Commission of Patrias Ephemerides and other patriotic entities, every year carry out an act in the monument to honor the men who began the dismantling of the Trujillo dictatorship.

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