Riogas denied these unions and accused that they will look for "excuses" to continue the conflict

Riogas denied these unions and accused that they will look for “excuses” to continue the conflict

The company said the trade unionists’ statements were “gross and outrageous lies.” Thus, the unions seek to “harm” it, he added.

Riogas issued a statement this Thursday the 26th about the conflict with the company’s workers, where it is argued that the “gross and absurd lies” that delegates from supergas unions and the Uruguayan Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (Fuecys) have released in the media of communication “are a smoke screen”. He continues to “attack” homes and businesses, the text continues, by prolonging a conflict that “never made any sense.”

According to the company authorities, the workers took and maintain this measure “under the pretext of defending” the worker of a freight company who threatened to kill another and was reported to the police for this fact.

“The truth is that it is hard to understand the reason why unionists Favio Riverón (Fuecys) and Alexis Otárola (Riogas Workers Association, ATR) lie so much to public opinion. They do not feel any kind of shame and enjoy deceiving the population”, they indicated from Riogas.

In this regard, the company denied some of the falsehoods that the trade unionists spread, among them: that the nine sanctions that the company applied were for union measures (in reality they were cases of serious disciplinary offenses); that there were safety problems with the process of packing bottles, trucks, and drivers (the bottles are packed “with all safety guarantees” and by trained personnel), or that Riogas wanted to load only one truck with 200 bottles from the freight company of the dismissed official and not the rest of the trucks (the union refused to load the rest of the trucks when carrying out a total stoppage).

“At the request of unfounded union complaints, recently officials from the General Labor Inspection and the Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Ursea) attended to inspect the bottling plant and also documentation on the drivers, confirming that Riogas operates with all security requirements”, they assured from the company.

Finally, the statement maintains that as “their lies and false arguments are unmasked”, the supergas and Fuecys unions “will seek new pretexts” to further prolong the conflict. The objective, said the Riogas authorities, is to “generate damage” to the company, its workers, the population and companies.

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