Incluyen como delito penal a la evasión fiscal y la defraudación

They include as a criminal offense tax evasion and fraud

The senators and deputies included the tax evasion and tax fraud as a criminal offense within the bill on domain forfeiture trials for the civil forfeiture of illicit assetswhich would give way to the State being able to request the confiscation of the assets of businessmen and individuals who cannot prove their origin.

Plutarch Perezdeputy member of the Bicameral Commission that studies the project, expressed that they reached consensus to approve a sanction for the tax fraud“although many wanted the penalty of people who want to go free in the form of simulating, hiding and maneuvering to cheat on taxation not to be included.”

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He indicated that they received a communication from the American Chamber of Commerce, read in the commission, containing several recommendations, some that are in the project and others that are not, “such as the fact of tax fraud, in which they propose an alternative situation ”.

He attributes the approach to economic interests that they are trying to protect, despite the fact that it is not a crime.

He advanced that in two sessions they could finish knowing the Domain Extinction.

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