The Argentine software company that seeks to consolidate from Colonia

The Argentine company CloudGaia, partner of Salesforce – the global giant of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – incorporated the +Colonia project into the systemoh point to consolidate itself as a global distributor of cloud solutions from Uruguay, doubling its employees and investing up to US$ 2 million in the short term.

On Friday, April 29, the Departmental Board of Colonia approved the construction of a mega-complex in that department.

+Colonia, as the initiative is called, will mean an investment of US$ 100 million in principleand pretend become an area that combines apartments, offices and common spaces for the inhabitants of the place.

The project is based on the idea of ​​“15 minutes”. Namely, that the inhabitants of the place have all the services they need within their reach and do not take more than that time to get them.

The objective is that some 30 thousand inhabitantswhich will gradually be added after the arrival of more than 50 companies that will be incorporated into the property of 500 hectareslocated east of Colonia del Sacramento. It is estimated that the area of ​​the property directed to the Home building be 70% compared to 30% destined for the installation of companies.

Render of the +Colonia project

What role will Cloudgaia and Salesforce play?

Ernesto Krawchik, CloudGaia Managing Director for Uruguay and Boliviaexplained to The Observer what the essence of the +Colonia project connects directly with the values ​​that the company seeks to transmit that are linked to thesocial and environmental impact”.

Cloud Gaia “connects companies with their customers and their value chains and their employees with each other”, said Krawchik and pointed out that this is reflected in the +Colonia project.

Salesforce is going to connect all thatconnect the city itself with investors, with the inhabitants, with those who circulate in there, with those who do business in the city, with the city or with the inhabitants of the city and the ways of connecting are going to be Multiple,” he added.

Today, CloudGaia is already working on the +Colonia projectcollaborating with a small number of employees who are in the task of attract investors for the first areas of the project.

“+Colonia already uses Salesforce to connect with those potential investors. From marketing tasks to presenting projects and information to potential investors, tracking the conversations they have had with each of them to learning about potential clients of those potential investorsKrawchik said.

The Salesforce system through CloudGaia will play a role “neuralgic” in the “small Uruguayan Silicon Valley” and will allow, according to its managing director, that users “have at their disposal multiple data obtained from multiple sources to be able to make better decisions and have a better quality of life”.

The Argentine software company that seeks to consolidate from Colonia

Ernesto Krawchik, CloudGaia Managing Director for Uruguay and Bolivia

The system will allow the inhabitants of +Colonia to, for example, know where they have a free space to park before leaving home for the office. Companies that organize a corporate event can also, for example, through their own apps, inform the participants of whether there is a traffic jam, a road work or a broken traffic light Y recommend alternative routes either notify about suspension or postponement of the activity.

“All that intelligence is going to have a general repository that are Salesforce apps. From security to trade or transit and everything that makes for a better quality of life in the city. Users will be able to directly access that information,” Krawchik said.

future projection

The CloudGaia executive reported that the company has about 40 employees in Uruguay and an investment of US$ 1 million. In turn, he maintained that they point to double the number of workers and reach US$ 2 million invested in the short term.

“CloudGaia bets on redouble its presence in Uruguay with a strong presence in Colonia from the installation in +Colonia. We want to be one of the promoters of the installation of new companies in +Colonia, that is the commitment we have”, he expressed.

Krawchik said his company wants to become a “global distributor of cloud solutionsfrom Uruguay and highlighted the country’s advantages such as the tax regimethe “State support policies” for the technology sector “despite the political sign changes” in the government and also the growth “vertiginous” of the item that is encouraging many people to turn to it.

The Argentine software company that seeks to consolidate from Colonia

Render of the +Colonia project

The businessman also pointed out that Uruguay has two advantages for being a small market. First, what is a “good place to prototype” since unlike before, “when to launch a new product or service or to test new processes you had to do it on a large scale”, today is done”prototyping on a small scale and Uruguay is the perfect place”.

Second, he stressed that Uruguayan technology companies, “as they are known to be small and belonging to a small market, they are born thinking global” and that causes a “virtuous circle between companies”.

It becomes a very good hub. Of good ideas, good professionals, good companies and good business dynamics. Uruguay is a very propitious place for this because all the actors are committed to making it happen this way.“, said.

For Krawchik, +Cologne “is nothing more than a good example of Uruguay’s potential as a global hub for new ventures technological”.

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