Tacna: Artisans demand that Chile return a consulate mansion

Tacna: Artisans demand that Chile return a consulate mansion

Carlos Romero Bartesaghi, president of the Benemérita Sociedad de Artesanos y Auxilios Mutuos El Porvenir, asked the Peruvian authorities to prioritize the return by Chile of the mansion where its consulate currently operates in the city of Tacna.

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This was stated this May 26 in the speech at the ceremony for the 142 years of the Battle of the Alliance Field. He remarked that Tacna is still living a dark night like in those fateful days of the Pacific War, this for three fundamental reasons, which he went on to detail.

violation of international law

He stressed that the Tacna – Arica railway does not work despite the fact that Peru has the easement in perpetuity according to the Treaty of Ancón and that in 2021 two Peruvian workers who fixed the tracks were unjustly detained. Chile expelled them and ordered them not to enter that country for 10 years, despite being the specialists in fixing the tracks for the train to work.

He also argued that in 1929, at the request of the Chilean government, Peru ceded to him the large house on Presbítero Andía Street, so that his consulate could be installed. “while they found suitable land”. “93 years have passed and there is no progress in the search for their own headquarters, despite the fact that Peru has exempted Article 71 of the Constitution so that they can buy land within 50 kilometers of the border if it is a diplomatic headquarters”he referred.

Foreign Relations Headquarters

“We demand the return so that the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru can function there,” exclaimed the retired colonel. He finally said that the latest affront to the homeland was the proposal to change the red and white flag, promoted by Congresswoman Esmeralda Limachi.

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The Benemérita Sociedad de Artesanos y Auxilios Mutuos is one of the oldest patriotic institutions in Tacna, its members participated in the defense of Tacna in the war with Chile in 1879. Today it continues to promote love for Peru, patriotism and the practice of civic values.

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