They favor foreign intervention in Haiti to stop violence 1

They favor foreign intervention in Haiti to curb violence

Santo Domingo.-Haitian organizations favor the intervention of foreign forces in Haiti to stop the violence in that nation, which has intensified in recent days, with events that include the kidnapping of a Dominican diplomat at the hands of the gang 400-Mawozo.

One of the organizations is “Nou pap Konplis” (we are not accomplices), whose spokesman, Ricardo Flueridor, considers that the intervention of foreign forces would be the only way to “stop the violence that eats away at Haiti«.

“It would be the only possible way that can help stop the wave of violence in our country,” said Fleuridor, referring to the upsurge in violence by armed groups dedicated to the kidnapping of Haitian and foreign citizens.

Last week, a Haitian group kidnapped the agricultural adviser of the Dominican embassy, ​​Carlos Guillén, which caused the Quisqueyan government to issue a statement demanding that he “appear safe and sound.”

According to reports, Guillén was kidnapped on Friday in the Croix-des-Bouquets (cross of branches in French) area, while he was on his way to the city of Jimaní, on the Dominican side.

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400 Mawozo, whose meaning is “the 400 experts,” is the same organization that months ago kidnapped 16 American missionaries and a Canadian, for whose release they would have charged an undetermined sum, according to sources from the Haitian government, where some 150 armed groups operate. , according to reports.

Haiti, the poorest country in the American continent, is going through an acute political, economic and institutional crisis, aggravated by the emergence of armed groups that control a large part of that nation.

the leader of the gang 400-MawozoGermine Joly alias “Yonyon”, who was extradited to the US

According to Dominican nationalist groups, the chaos in the neighboring country is supported by powers such as the United States, France and Canada, which, they say, seek the unification of the two nations in a single country.

It is estimated that more than a million Haitians reside in the Dominican Republic, most of them illegally, helped by irregular trafficking on both sides of the border.

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