CAS-COVID workers from the Huancavelica Regional Hospital protest contract expirations

CAS-COVID workers from the Huancavelica Regional Hospital protest contract expirations

Workers who during the time of the pandemic long demonstrated their commitment to serving the population affected by COVID-19 and who at the time described them as heroes, today protest because they were fired.

The young workers of the health sector staged a protest at the door of the Zacarías Correa Valdivia Departmental Hospital in where they showed their disagreement.

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Julio Albites Taipe, who until recently worked in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit, stated that the claim is because they do not respect circular 065, a document that establishes that they must be given work continuity during May and June.

“Our claim is because there has been a massive dismissal of all health personnel, both laboratory, pharmacy, nutrition, cleaning and surveillance personnel. We ask that the circular be respected and that we be given continuity as workers of the institution,” said Julio Albites.

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He added: “The circular refers that CAS COVID contracted workers should be given (labor) continuity, which means that they should consider us for two more months, we are between 200 and 250 people laid off, with the excuse that there is no budget. ”:

He added that the director of the hospital told them that he is going to make a new call, which bothers them to the extent that not all of them would return to their posts.

Given this situation, the regional manager, Héctor Riveros, said that it was suggested that the CAS COVID workers should continue working to meet the demand for the services that Huancavelica needs.

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“We have asked that the COVID CAS become permanent staff in all the executing units of the health sector, this demand was positively received, other regions joined and the demand was channeled from the DIRESA Huancavelica to the MINSA,” said Riveros Carhuapoma.

He added that he did not know if the corresponding addendum and budget allocation had already been made.

The regional manager said that there is no violation of labor rights because there was a termination of the contract, but that he will find out why circular 065 is not complied with.


On the verge of closing the edition, Javier Correa Tineo, director of the hospital, called Correo, who said they had decided because there is no specific document and that the circular letter did not guarantee the budget for their assets; he announced a solution.

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“In the morning I spoke with MINSA and the emergency decree is being approved, staff are already being hired and tomorrow (today) they continue to work on their duties; Those who have disciplinary processes, which are few, will not continue, ”said the doctor.

In total there are 210 workers at the Zacarías Correa Valdivia Regional Hospital in the CAS-COVID modality.

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