National Police awarded for a total value of G. 7,309,400,000

The National Police awarded a total value of G. 7,309,400,000 to the Call for Tenders No. 405,466 for Maintenance and Minor Repair of Vehicles. For this tender, offers began to be received on Friday, March 4, 2022.

In the tender that is within the category Cleaning Services, Maintenance and Minor and Major Repairs of Installations, Machinery and Vehicles 4 companies were benefited. The procedure implemented to carry out the call for bids was National Public Bidding.


The call was submitted by 9 companies, of which finally 4 of them were suppliers of said tender.

  • Victor Rolando Lopez Vazquez represented by Victor Rolando Lopez for a value of G. 2,338,600,000 with a participation of 31.99% of the total awarded.
  • Gilco Par SRL represented by Gladys Zunilda Riquelme for a value of G. 1,992,400,000 with a participation of 27.26% of the total awarded.
  • Ramon Fretes Fretes represented by Ramon Fretes Fretes for a value of G. 1,708,400,000 with a participation of 23.37% of the total awarded.
  • Auto – Diover SA Spare Parts represented by Etelvina Benita Rotela de Vera and Blas Dionisio Francisco Vera Rotela for a value of G. 1,270,000,000 with a participation of 17.37% of the total awarded.


  • Automotive Sa Importer and Exporter
  • Chul Choi Chung
  • Crispin Ruffinelli Fernandez
  • Mechanize Limited Company
  • Rio de la Plata S.A.

Source: DNCP

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