"There is no reason": FA deputy asks Heber to stop using Betito Suárez’s Audi Q5

The deputy of the Broad Front Cecilia Cairo questioned this Wednesday the Minister of the Interior, Louis Albert Heberfor using a truck that was seized from drug trafficker Luis Alberto “Betito” Suárez in May 2021.

“For me there is no reason to justify riding in the car of ‘Betito’ Suárez. He is seized, he should go to auction and work with that money for the additions, “said the legislator before the press.

And he added: “For El Cerro (Suarez’s original neighborhood) ‘Betito’ is a character from many years ago, who circulated in luxurious cars, demonstrated the business what does the mean drug. What the neighbors ask me is: how can it be that the Minister of the Interior circulates in the car of someone who, in El Cerro, had that adjective. For the neighbors it is a problem”.

Cairo affirmed that he consulted Heber on the subject, when the hierarch appeared this Wednesday in a parliamentary commission. Consulted by El Observador, the deputy said that the minister’s response on the subject was: “I don’t want to talk about the truck anymore.”

“It gives a totally wrong message,” said the deputy.


The Audi Q5 parked at the gate of the Ministry of the Interior

as published The Observer In February of this year, Minister Heber decided to stop traveling during his workday in the armored vans used by his predecessors in office. travel in the truck Audi Q5 gray color that until last year belonged to “Betito” Suárez.

The vehicle – which was in the name of Suárez’s wife – was seized in May 2021 when the Justice charged him, through an abbreviated trial agreed with the Narcotics Prosecutor Mónica Ferrero, to two years and four months in prison for illicit drug trafficking in the commercialization modality.

The prosecution requested the confiscation of the car of German origin that was made available to the National Drug Board (JND) and the Confiscated Assets Fund (FBD), and was one of the 75 vehicles that the board awarded to the Ministry of the Interior between 2020 and 2021.

In addition to the Audi, the minister’s custody drives a BMW that was also seized from a drug traffickeras he knew then The Observer. Meanwhile, Montevideo Police Chief Mario D’Elía uses a Chevrolet Captiva that was seized from a drug trafficker, journalist Gabriel Pereyra reported on Twitter on January 23.

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