They admit for processing an appeal that seeks to nullify the election of the new Ombudsman

The Ombudsman asks to investigate threats against María del Carmen Alva and guarantee her integrity

The Ombudsman’s Office asked the Public Ministry to investigate the threats against the president of the Congress of the Republic, (Popular Action), and guarantee his integrity and that of his family.

Through its Twitter account, the entity indicated that any other form of violence “cannot be tolerated in a democratic state”for which he asked the prosecution to investigate Alva Prieto’s complaint.

“We urge the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the threats denounced by the president of Congress. This, like any other form of violence, cannot be tolerated in a democratic state. Authorities must guarantee the integrity of the president of Parliament and her family”noted on the social network.

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As recalled, Maria del Carmen Alva denounced this Wednesday the 15th to be a victim of threats through WhatsApp messages sent to the cell phone used by one of his daughters.

Before the start of the plenary session, he explained that this threat requests his resignation from the presidency of Parliament and includes information about his address. He also indicated that he had already been receiving threats prior to the dissemination of telephone conversations that he had in the private sphere.

“I regret to inform you that today I received a cowardly threat through the WhatsApp application to a cell phone used by one of my daughters, which comes from a number with a code from another country, I want to report this fact and communicate it to the national representation and the press We can’t let this have space.”he asserted.

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“In recent days I have been the victim of manipulated audio and I had already been receiving threats about its dissemination, threats that not only came from outside the legislative power but also registered from within Congress. Now they are no longer manipulated audios, it is a threat that asks for my resignation, mentioning the place where I live”he added.


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