Despite insecurity, Abdo focuses on proselytizing

Óscar “Cachito” Salomón, president of the National Congress, reported that Abdo Benítez, president of the Republic, divides his time between his presidential duties and his proselytizing campaign.

He explained that the national president dedicates himself during “office hours, like any public official” to his presidential work. While “from the evening and on weekends” he dedicates himself to proselytizing. This, despite the fact that the country is overwhelmed by organized crime and the situation requires special attention to deal with it.

«The ‘Republican Force’ team has decided that he is the best candidate. He is going to fulfill his task as President of the Republic during his normal schedule, and in the afternoon he is going to dedicate himself to proselytizing”, he stated.


At another time, he announced that he trusts that the union will take place in the ANR, after the internal ones of December 18.

“There are high-tone speeches, but they are normal. We trust that after the interns we will all unite », he expressed.

He affirmed that Abdo will surely win the elections for the presidency of the Colorado Party and reported that he will only take office on August 15, 2023, when he leaves the presidency of the Republic.


He announced that the Senate will summon Félix Kanazawa, head of Dinac, as well as his peers from Immigration and Customs, to learn all the details about the Venezuelan plane with Iranian crew members who arrived in the country in mid-May and were delayed in Argentina on last weekend. The date is yet to be defined.

As for the senators who will travel to the United States to take the laundering report that links Cartes, he replied that the travelers would be; Fernando Lugo, Juan Afara, Jorge Querey, Salyn Buzarquis and a representative from another bench. Solomon could also go.

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