The dollar fell again and approached $ 39 in the interbank

The dollar completed this Tuesday five consecutive sessions down and again approached the $39 range in the wholesale market.

The currency fell 0.41% on this day and stood at $40,013 in the wholesale average, according to data from the Electronic Stock Exchange (Bevsa). The last operation of the day was agreed at $40.15 with a minimum rise of 0.07%.

After a slight rebound recorded in the last month, the greenback is once again at values ​​similar to those it had at the beginning of July. In the annual accumulated the drop is 10.8%.

This Tuesday there were operations for a total of US$ 18.6 million and there was no intervention from the Central Bank (BCU), which has remained outside the spot market.

For its part, on the board of the Bank (BROU), the dollar was offered at $39 for purchase and $41.4 for sale.

At the regional level, in Brazil, the dollar traded with a rise of 0.33% to 5.1294 reais per unit.

Globally, the dollar index which measures the value of the US dollar against a basket of foreign currencies fell 0.1% to 106.218 units.

The markets are closely following the US inflation data that will be released this Wednesday, and the future actions of the Federal Reserve in terms of rate hikes also depend on its evolution.

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