The Comptroller finds shortcomings in the technical file of the Huancavelica – Yauli – Pucapampa highway

The Comptroller finds shortcomings in the technical file of the Huancavelica – Yauli – Pucapampa highway

On more than one occasion, the regional governor of Maciste Díaz Abad, affirmed that one of the most important works of his second administration was the construction of the Huancavelica – Yauli – Pucapampa highway.

However, the construction of this could take longer than established, since, through a document, the Comptroller warned that there are inconsistencies in the technical file of the project called: “Improvement of the Huancavelica – Yauli – Pucapampa highway”.

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According to the Official Orientation Report No. 002-2022-OCI/5338-SOO, they detail that they found that in the budget of the work they considered the purchase of materials as execution items and in the determination of the reference value, this despite being an input, which would generate more costs in the work, the same amounting to 103 thousand 963 soles.

The technical file for the work was approved on May 26, 2015 and updated on September 3, 2021.

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Unfortunately, it was not the only indication, since they also noticed deficiencies and technical inconsistencies in the formulation, evaluation and approval of the technical file’s metrics, such as in the paint items for the metal structure and the demolition of structures.

This will cause excess payments for work not executed for an estimated amount of 2 million 404 thousand soles.

This work has a distance of 23 kilometers, will be executed with 168 million, within a period of 450 calendar days (15 months) by the same Regional Government of Huancavelica.

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The results of the report have already been notified to the head of the Regional Government of Huancavelica so that he adopts the preventive and corrective measures that ensure the continuity of the process.

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