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He was on a cruise, he ordered pizza to the cabin and a proposal ruined his vacation

He was far from his home, thousands of kilometers away: he was traveling on board a tourist boat. Happy for his present, and because his soccer team had just won, he decided celebrate buying food. But his happiness became distress. And his vacation they ruined.

A cruise passenger claimed that he ordered pizza from his cabin and the employee who took it harassed him: he he asked if he was straight insistently and tried have a intimate encounter.

Lewis Mehanfrom 27 years, resides in the UK and works as a nightclub manager. On January 23 of this year, the young man rested with his family on a P & O Cruises company ship that was sailing through the Caribbean, the news portal reported.

Tourist. He is 27 years old and works as a nightclub manager.

The situation in the cabin

During the day he learned that the club The Nottingham Forest, of which he is a fan, won a match. overflowed with happinessSaid he went back to his cabin and I call to the area of room service: ordered one pepperoni pizza.

Meehan said that, after a while, he they rang the bell: It was him waiter, who brought him his order. After opening the door for him in boxer shorts, this person would have insinuated to him that she had “good body“. The British citizen reported that he received the food and the situation ended there, or at least that’s what i thought.

After a few minutes, the phone rang of the cabin: the same worker, Meehan explained, Contact to let you know that I had to come back to charge him for the pizzainstead of paying it once the trip is over.

Cabin.  Meehan showed where she was staying.Cabin. Meehan showed where she was staying.

The passenger seemed weird. Therefore, he stated, activated the camera from his smartphone and the left on for record what would happen when he got back to his cabin.

I can pass?”, the waiter asked Meehan, according to the video of the scene that circulated in the local media. After entering the room, he made a personal consultation: “I just wanted to ask you something, I hope you don’t complain about it. doYou are straight?”, he snapped, according to the medium LADbible.

The young man stated that he answered yes. “Are you sure?”, retorted the employee on at least two occasions. After reiterating his answer, he indicated that the worker continued bothering him: “I just wanted to have fun“, He warned.

Instant.  The passenger filmed the conversation he had with the waiter, who is not seen in the image.Instant. The passenger filmed the conversation he had with the waiter, who is not seen in the image.

Then the waiter insisted have sex “just” once. “No, honestly, I’m straight,” the tourist proclaimed. “Please“, the employee begged. “No no noMeehan repeated. “Please do not file a complaint on this issue.“, he asked before leaving.

“Ruined my vacation”

As a result of the episode, the passenger denounced before the cruise authorities. Immediately, he commented, members of the boat expelled the worker in question at the next stop on the itinerary.

“It was so unexpected That in ruined the vacation. my sister was really scared about this“, declared the British. “I was bigger (taller) than him and felt safe handling the situationalthough I am concerned that it will happen to someone more vulnerable, “he added.

British.  He was on vacation with his family, on a Caribbean cruise.British. He was on vacation with his family, on a Caribbean cruise.

The tourist asserted, according to newspapers in the United Kingdom, that the company offered him an apology and also received financial compensation from them.

“We take any accusation of improper behavior very seriously and we are conducting a thorough investigation,” announced a spokesman for the company Carnival UK -owner of P&O Cruises-, quoted by Daily Mailamong others.

Meehan acknowledged that had a bad time: “There could be scaled and happened something much worse. (…) this affected me. Since the end of the Covid restrictions, in June 2021, until now, I have worked between seventy and eighty hours per week, I just needed a break. It’s a vacation very expensive and you do not expect this“.

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