They denounce that Guachupita is "full of illegal weapons"

They denounce that Guachupita is “full of illegal weapons”

Community members of the capital Guachupita sector ensure that sellers in drug points They are the ones in charge of the neighborhood, so the uneasiness can be observed “even in broad daylight.”

Residents of this area say they have to be on the lookout, due to the constant unsafety who rules the place.

They claim that the populous neighborhood Guachupita is between shots “full of illegal weapons” robbery, threats and drugs, and that the National Police“has not served at all to improve the misfortune we are going through.”

“Here you even receive threats from these criminals, they try to intimidate people and there are streets that you can’t even cross,” A worker told Diario Libre about the sector.

He maintained that previously he started his working hours at 5:00 in the morning, a time that he has been forced to change after being robbed more than three times and being attacked by one of the unscrupulous where he almost lost his life.

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Mrs. Francisca, 36, who has lived her entire life in Guachupitasays that he had never seen a situation of unrest like the one they are experiencing now and that what causes the most fear is that those who are in charge are young people who are not even older than 20 years old.

“That is incredible that here children between 15 and 20 years old are the ones who kill, steal and have active drug points. Before these cases were seen, it is true, but there were codes that were respected, now not even that,” manifested.

The National Police announced the intervention of the sector Guachupita and an increase in patrolling, after members of a criminal gang sowed terror in the area and confronted police officers with bullets when they were about to arrest them after murdering a motorcycle rider.

However, after a tour of Free Journal a lack of police and no patrolling in the area was observed.

For the death of the motoconchista there are 20 people detained for investigation purposes.

The National Police identified those nicknamed “Bajaimama, Randy, Santiago, Bombo, Enrique and Johan” as alleged criminals for the shooting attack to which its agents were subjected. He stated “that they are heavily armed.”

Guachupita streets are clear (FREE DIARY/ DANIA ACEVEDO )


Motorcyclists in the area assure that the intervention of the National Police It is useless if the Government does not implement a strategic plan to end “once and for all” with the drug points who lead Guachupita.

“This is a big network here, this drug and these robberies are hitting hard in the area, if you do justice yourself it’s bad, but then the police come through here as models and as tourists”Guachupita Biker

They say that it is not the first time that they report criminal situations, but that the detachments accumulate it and do not pay attention to the situation.

They hope that with the change of authorities in the sector, the shootings which are often recorded by the dispute of drug points.

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Department C2 of the Regional Directorate of the National District has Colonel Luis Peña Peña as its new commander, replacing Colonel José Miguel Medina. The C2 has a seat in María Auxiliadora and is the police command in charge of the sectors of that area of ​​the capital.

The change of command in C2 was executed by General Rufino Contreras.

The disposition was taken by the director of the Police, Eduardo Then Guzmán, after criminals will shoot several agents of the uniformed Guachupita and that they had their residents acting on their own in anxiety, despite the fact that there is a detachment in the neighborhood. The shooting of the agents circulated in a video on social networks.

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Situation left changes in Department C2 of the National Police (FREE DIARY / DANIA ACEVEDO)

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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