The blue dollar is still unstoppable and exceeds 300 Argentine pesos

the blue dollar come back up this friday and reaches another maximum in Argentina. The parallel thus continues with its upward trend, amid the noise and strong local tensions, while the financial dollars register new advances since the first operations of the day.

With an advance of 10 Argentine pesos (A$), the price of the blue dollar amounts to A$ 296 pesos for the purchase and A$ 301 for sale, which represents another maximum. At the same time, it widens the gap to more than 127% with respect to the wholesale official exchange rate and 116% in relation to the retail average.

Bullish records are also observed on financial dollars. The MEP through the AL30 bond and the cash with liquidation (CCL) through the GD30 posted increases of up to 1% to stand above A$295 and A$307, respectively.

The government announced on Wednesday a rise in withholding for card purchases abroad, which generated noise in the informal market. At the same time, it was announced that there will be changes in the directive of the National Securities Commission (CNV) and some operators speculate that more controls would be applied on financial dollars.

Tensions in the exchange market remain firm and market operators remain attentive to the next signals from the new Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakisafter last Monday he gave his first press conference to expose his management plans.

On the official side, the retail exchange rate remains unchanged at A$135 in Banco Nación and A$135.20 in the average of the country’s financial entities. The wholesaler, meanwhile, started the day at A$ 128.22, marking an increase of 22 cents compared to the previous close.

The Central Bank thus maintains the rate of daily devaluation, which in recent days has been showing an acceleration. So far in July, the official exchange rate accumulates an increase of 3.12%, not far from the 4.19% registered throughout the previous month.

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