The amount of the stolen goods amounts to more than 29 thousand 700 dollars

The amount of the stolen goods amounts to more than 29 thousand 700 dollars

Unscrupulous people, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, stole goods from the Kolpa mining camp, which is located in the annex of Totorapampa- Caudalosa Chica, in the district of Huachocolpa, in the province of Huancavelica.

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It was after 08:00 hours when Max Joel Cuadros Guillén (25), a lawyer at the mining company Kolpa SA, went to the Huachocolpa Police Station to report an alleged crime against property, in the form of aggravated robbery. , to the detriment of the mining company he represents.

Given this, the police officers went to the mining camp located in the annex of Totorapampa – Caudalosa Chica, where they met with Jorge Castillón Sanabria, mine superintendent of the Kolpa mining company.

Castillón reported that on July 8, 2022, in the morning hours, upon arriving at his office, he found that it was open and that the door plate had been violated, so, upon entering, he realized that various materials and equipment were stolen, including five Motorola-brand radios, four Draguer-brand gas monitors, two Al-tair msa-brand gas monitors and an HP-brand laptop, a Lenovo-brand computer with all its components.

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They also stole a Hilti with all its components, 10 lamps, a cordless lamp, two disposable bits No. 36, two disposable bits No. 38, two disposable bits No. 41, two button bits No. 38, two button bits No. 41, a retractable long drill bit, a reamer with 5 long drills, a Split set muki adapter, a 76mm muki reamer and a light stick.

The criminal act would have occurred after midnight, after Castillón went to rest.

29 thousand 777.53 dollars is the amount that all the assets stolen from the mining company reach.

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insecurity The theft of property belonging to the mining company was reported.

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