Leonel Fernández juramenta exgobernadora, exalcalde de Galvan y regidores actuales.

Leonel tells the PRM that “They will return to the outside, where they deserve to be”

Bahoruco.- The president of this entity, Leonel Fernández, continued the cycle of swearing in new members and inaugurating new premises and visiting influential leaders from the southern provinces, from where he told the PRM that they will once again leave the government administration, since that is where they deserve to be

“They will return to the outside, where they deserve to be,” said Fernandez, after commenting on the results of a recent economic prevention survey, in which citizens from all regions of the country say that the country “is doing very poorly.”

The route of the leader, the People’s Force, this time corresponded to the Bahoruco province, where hundreds of people were sworn in, new premises were put into operation in the municipalities of Galván, Villa Jaragua and Los Ríos.

In Tamayo, the former President of the Republic and President of the opposition political force visited the residence of hardware store entrepreneur Robert Soto, where he was received with great enthusiasm and hubbub.

In Galván, the President of the FP, Leonel Fernández left a large and modern place in operation from which concrete actions were directed for the growth and strengthening of the main opposition political force in the country.

The Galvan Municipal Directorate is made up of Rubelin Cuevas Florián, President; José Luciano, Secretary of Organization; Anastacio Roman, Secretary General; Leocadio Mariano, Secretary of Electoral Affairs, among others.

In Neyba, the former mayor of Galvan, Hilario Mateo Ramírez, the councilors Guillermo Mateo Ogando, Rudilennis Reyes, Wellington Reyes, Smerlin Díaz and the councilor of Tamayo, Guillermo Mateo, as well as the former provincial governor Isabel Matos, as well as Fabio Herasme, José Ferreras, Cecilia Sierra, Rodolfo Acosta former middle leader of the PLD, Ygnacio Cuevas former councilor of the PLD.

Others of the sworn in that come out are Rosa Méndez, the doctor Jose Santana, among others who add more than 2,500 new members.

In delivering the central words of the act, the former President of the Republic and President of the People’s Force, Leonel Fernández said that “although we are not in an open campaign, the People’s Force is on the threshold of the electoral victory of 2024 since it is well positioned in the heart of the Dominican people and will come to power to reduce misery, poverty and strengthen education.

He reiterated his criticism of the increase in electricity rates and the high cost of basic items in the family basket.

With the process of swearing in new members, the FP takes office as the main opposition party and Leonel Fernández as the leader of the Dominican people.

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