Se entrega hombre vinculado a muerte de otro y herir dos hijos de este

Surrenders to PN a man linked to the death of another and injuring two of his sons

BARAHONA – This is Manuel Antonio Cuevas Zatén, 22 years old, a resident of the Villa Central municipal district, of this main municipality, who turned himself in to the Criminal Investigations Directorate (Dicrim) in this city, through the lawyer Hugo Francisco Gómez Perez.

Cuevas Zatén, along with others already subjugated, was wanted for allegedly shooting the now-deceased Franklin Fernelis Pérez, 47, and injuring the latter’s two sons, Adriel José Pérez Jiménez and Franklin Pérez Jiménez, 24 and 26 years old. respectively.

This act of blood occurred in the early hours of Sunday, August 7, on the outskirts of the “Alta Gama” Drink, located on the street in Project of the Cambodia neighborhood, in the upper part of this city.

According to the press release issued that time by the South Regional Directorate of the Police, the case occurred within the framework of a discussion that the deceased today had in front of the aforementioned business with other men.

At that moment, the Pérez Jiménez brothers who were drinking rum inside the “Alta Gama” were told by a friend that their father was arguing with other men, so they hurried out to see what was happening, being shot at by the assailants. they immediately began to flee.

Franklin Fernelis Pérez lived in the aforementioned street and neighborhood, where his two children who were injured also live.

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