What are the main causes of crime?: this is what the Uruguayans think

Uruguayans believe that The main cause of crime is drug trafficking and drug use, according to a survey by Teams. 36% of the mentions refer to both causes.

Both arguments are followed “loss of values ​​in society” (22%) and “poverty” (16%)as reported in the bulletin.

With fewer mentions appear “malfunctioning of prisons” and “lack of education”, which were mentioned with 4%. With a lower percentage, “malfunctioning of the police” is mentioned.

Opinions of security, according to political orientation

The document also distinguishes the respondents by their political orientation. Most of the mentions in relation to drug use and drug trafficking come from people who identify with center and right currents.

The identified with the left and center-left respond first to poverty and then to drug trafficking and drug use.

However, respondents identified with the center, postulate in second place the loss of values ​​in society.

Other less mentioned postulations are the poor functioning of the prisons, the poor functioning of the police and the lack of education.

Data sheet

The report was prepared on a survey conducted by Equipos Consultores between July 30 and August 8, based on surveys conducted by cell phone.

Equipos Consultores interviewed 500 people over 18 years of age and over from the entire national territory.

The question applied was: In your opinion, what is the main cause of crime in our country? And in second place? And in third place?

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