Solidarity from all parties with the president of Anep after the graffiti on his house

Solidarity from all parties with the president of Anep after the graffiti on his house

The president of Anep, Robert Silva, denounced yesterday that graffiti had been painted on his house, on a day that coincided with a series of occupations of educational establishments and in the midst of the Accountability vote.

“Today my home woke up like this. Aggression and intolerance will not stop the change in education, a process in which we are and will continue!” Silva said on Twitter and posted a photo of the walls of his house with a series of graffiti.

“Robo Silva”, “Cntrl+C, Cntrl+V” and “Education is for the people” are the phrases. “Cntrl+C, Cntrl+V” refer to Copy, Cut and Paste. The events were recorded by several cameras in the area. A neighbor was the one who notified Silva of what had happened, since he was not in Montevideo. According to what was known, the recording of one of the cameras reveals that three people are in the corner of the house, and one approaches to make the graffiti. The complaint was filed with the Ministry of the Interior, who is already investigating the case.

All political sectors expressed solidarity with the Anep president. The National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers of Uruguay (Fenapes) also did it. This noted on Twitter: “Total repudiation of this type of aggression. The historical budget cut, the reform without teachers and students and the violation of rights are fought in the corresponding democratic spheres».

The Minister of Culture, Pablo da Silveira, said that «the reaction of Fenapes to the attack suffered by Robert Silva is good and constructive. It is also good to take charge of the tense climates that one contributed to creating. Words matter.”

President Lacalle Pou also expressed himself: «One more reason to go ahead with the transformations Robert. If education is needed. All personal and professional support.

The sebator of the MPP (Broad Front) Sebastián Sabini said in front of the graffiti that “it is clearly not here that the government’s educational policy is faced, my solidarity with Robert Silva and all the repudiation of this type of situation. I hope those responsible are found.” The Minister of Public Health (Cabildo Abierto) said on Twitter: Our solidarity with Robert Silva. Against the manifestation of intolerance. Let’s take care of citizen coexistence among all.

The president of the Chamber of the Digital Economy of Uruguay, Guillermo Varela said on the same social network: “I know that it is the worst way to know, Robert, but that violence on your wall shows that your path annoys the ignorant. Go across the street to the reactionaries, always. Solidarity hug». Gonzalo Reboledo, who was the director of the Impo and is now a representative of the Broad Front in the Administrative Commission of the Río de la Plata, said «I do not share this way of expressing discrepancy. Our country has been characterized by its civic culture, respect for ideas and collective construction based on difference. Let us defend coexistence and respect beyond differences.

From the Ciudadanos sector of the Colorado Party to which Silva belongs, a statement was issued where he said that the fact is “acts of intolerance that invade the intimate sphere of Robert and his family. The transformation of education is a political commitment assumed by this government and no intimidation is going to stop it”.

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