Silva: “There are always” “gifts” and in FA governments “nothing was said”

The PISA tests began and the campaign is called “Put on the light blue”, where the idea is to give each student participating in the tests a national team shirt. Accounting for a total of 7,500. Each shirt costs $547 pesos, for which the cost is $4.1 million. In this framework, the AUF collaborated with a discount of $205,000 (5% of the total), for the placement of an “Auf Impulsa” logo on each shirt.

In total, Anep had to pay $3.8 million, about 92 thousand dollars. This is done within the framework of an agreement between AUF and Anep, since it is the football association that authorizes the sale of this clothing.


The agreement with the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) generated repercussion and questions in networks since it was reported. One of the criticisms came from the member of the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (Ineed) for the Broad Front, Pablo Caggiani.

The worst use of assessment in education. Until now no one had been so encouraged in Uruguay. Gurises do the tests calm. There is no cup or anything. Provides information to know where to improve. The adult world putting its priorities on the gurises », she wrote in the first instance about the ANEP incentive under the motto « put on the light blue ».

This tweet generated an exchange with the nationalist senator Graciela Bianchi, who replied: “It seems to me that he is forgetting his public position in nothing less than the Educational Evaluation Institute. This prejudgment does NOT make it reliable to integrate an institution that must evaluate the educational system. I will raise it in the corresponding areas ».

Caggiani replied: “You are a Senator, settle down a bit. Keep threats where you see fit.”

Then, knowing the amounts, Caggiani wrote: «Practicing for the test and ‘Putting on the light blue’ not only changes how the Pisa tests were faced in Uruguay, it is also literal. Anep is going to pay Auf $100,000 to buy T-shirts. I am not sure if it is the most pertinent in any of the cases…».

Silva in defense

The president of the Central Board of Directors of the educational authority, Robert Silva, came out in defense of the delivery of light blue shirts in dialogue with El Observador.

«Since 2006 they have always allocated resources to the acquisition of gifts, gifts or recognitions for students. This is a tactic that is carried out worldwide among all the participating countries because precisely what the student does is represent the country in these international tests,” Silva declared, and considered a “political operation” by members of the Broad Front the criticism of these gifts right now.

“What strikes me is that in previous governments when this was done, nothing was said and that now, as in this government we do it, it is criticized,” he insisted.

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