Video mostró a modelo de OnlyFans golpeando al novio antes de matarlo

Video showed OnlyFans model beating boyfriend before killing him

In a video broadcast on social networks, OnlyFans model Courtney Tailor is seen beating her boyfriend Christian Obumseli before killing him.

Authorities arrested Tailor last week after she confessed to Miami police officers that she killed him. Her lawyer alleges that it was all an action in self-defense. He further justified that she had no choice but to meet force with force.

Thus, in the midst of the investigations, this video appears, recorded before Christian’s murder. In the footage you can see how the young OnlyFans model gets frustrated when she apparently can’t mark her floor inside the elevator, hitting the screen.

Later her now deceased boyfriend comes in and tries to calm her down. However, she begins to attack him by hitting him and pulling her hair while he holds her trying to move her away.

After several clues, it was determined last Wednesday that the OnlyFans model was the author of the crime. “Courtney and Christian had a stormy relationship since November 2020. With multiple incidents of domestic violence from both sides during the period of the relationship” dictates the court order.

Another important detail to highlight about this crime is that the young woman had been arrested in July 2021 for domestic assault. According to the information reported by the authorities, Courtney confessed to the officers that she had killed him, stating that “I really don’t know if this was justified.”

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