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Pedro Yaranga on calls for Pedro Castillo: “They offer everything to visitors to the Palace”

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Pedro Yaranga on calls for Pedro Castillo: "They offer everything to visitors to the Palace"

The comprehensive security specialist points out that it is necessary to investigate who assumes the per diems, accommodation and food to transfer the people who have been massively summoned to meet in with the president .

What do you think of the massive call that the Government has been making to prefects, sub-prefects and other social leaders?

They offer everything to all of them. It is similar to what President Castillo has done with these Decentralized Councils of Ministers that have nothing to do with decentralization. Remember that what was discussed in Huancayo has not been fulfilled at all, and the same will happen now. It seems that President Castillo is campaigning again, because the type of speech he launches at every meeting in the Palace or when he travels to the interior of the country, are once again campaign speeches.

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With what resources do you think they are transferred?

They travel from the interior of the country and they don’t come in just any car, they come in rented buses: who pays for those rented buses? From what I have been investigating, they have been summoned by some officials from the PCM and from some ministries as well. The question is: who assumes its transfer? Who assumes the per diems, accommodation and food in Lima? That’s what you need to find out. We have to understand that the prefects and sub-prefects are people who have a suspicious career, they are from Conare, Movadef and another group from the radical left. We all know what tendency those people have. The only thing they are trying to do is save the insurmountable, in this case the situation of President Castillo, calling for marches and trying to confuse the population.

Another issue is the Vraem operation, of which the only thing that is known is the two casualties in the Armed Forces.

The interpretation of this operation lends itself to everything, because it is carried out in the midst of the investigations into President Castillo. Suddenly, this operation is carried out, which has no results, only casualties in the Armed Forces. That is quite worrying. This has not been an intelligence work but a military one. They have entered the mountain to fight without further destination. For example, the Wolf Brigade killed comrades ‘Gabriel’ and ‘Alipio’ in 2013. That was indeed intelligence work.


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